Production of your PCB

The preparatory positions

After receiving your order including data, our goal is to begin production of your printed circuit boards within 24 hours. Here the 16 man and woman strong technology team support in the Würth Elektronik branch Mysore in India. Due to the WE internal cooperation, your data will always remain in our house, but can be processed almost around the clock for our systems. In cooperation with WEdirekt Engineering in Germany, the course is set for successful production.

Standard technologies are pooled - after clearing up all clarifications - to optimize production utilization. On the other hand, "More Technology" orders are produced individually in order to achieve the best possible delivery times. Finally, the NC programs of our production panel are created before the collected data is released for production.

Production planning and material supply

After completion of the data preparation, our production planning will ensure a smooth process and punctual completion of your orders. Key to the success is the optimization of our production. Not an easy task, considering that every day about 550 production panels move through our production and are processed in a two-shift system.

As soon as your order is released for our production, it can start up without long delays. The basis for this is our material supply. The basic materials are always available in time. Now everything is prepared so that your data and our material can come together.