About WEdirekt
Parts of a multilayer PCB can be seen

About WEdirekt

We are part of Würth Elektronik Printed Circuit Board Technology

We are part of Würth Elektronik Printed Circuit Board Technology

WEdirekt was founded in 2008 as an online shop for PCBs and stencils. A service which is now used by almost 9,000 customers.

The WEdirekt PCB shop lets you easily order standard technology prototypes and small series products. If your circuit board has more advanced technical requirements our team of field agents is happy to assist.

In addition to circuit boards, we also offer SMD templates for assembling your circuit boards.

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Prices in our WEdirekt online shop

Prices in our WEdirekt online shop

You can immediately calculate your PCB 

We offer two different types of production.

  • "Best Price" (pool): We combine a lot of orders for different boards into a single production step and manufacture them "together." This way we can use our panels to capacity. We gladly pass on the resulting cost savings to you!  
  • "More Technology" (non pool):  With some technologies it is advantageous to manufacture the circuit boards individually. These are so-called non-pool circuit boards.

Both types have been identified for you in our configurator. In this way you are always aware of which process we are using to produce your order. It goes without saying that you enjoy the same attractive value for money as well as a cost-effective package price for your circuit boards with our non-pool products.

pictures shows a pool and a non-pool manufacturing of a pcb

Overview of our Service

The essentials

  • PCBs and stencils
  • Delivery from 3 working days
  • You can pay by invoice, PayPal, credit card and in advance
  • We can handle: Extended Gerber; Gerber (drill files as Excellon or Sieb&Meier); Eagle; Altium; ODB++ and Target3001
  • Detailed PCB specifications
  • UL certification / ISO 9001:2008 / REACH declaration / RoHS statement of compliance (see more)