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PCB prototypes and series: Calculate PCB prices online

Order PCBs online, from 1 piece, with up to 16 layers, from 2 working days and without any hidden costs!

PCBs and stencils

HDI Microvia, Flexible PCBs and other technologies in industrial-level quality directly from your qualified manufacturer!

WEdirekt! Order your PCBs simply online!

- Up to 16 layers

- HDI Microvia

- Flex

- TG135 + TG150

- and much more!

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Technical possibilities: What can I order?

At WEdirekt, we offer you a wide range of different technologies. To ensure that you always have an overview of what is possible, we have created a summary of the options to order.

To the technical possibilities


…for our overproduction – do not miss!

What am I supposed to do, to get the overproduction of my PCB with a discount of 50%?

How it works!

WEdirekt – the online shop for printed circuit boards and stencils!

WEdirekt, the Würth Elektronik online shop

Würth Elektronik is a reputable manufacturer of printed circuit boards, based in Niedernhall. Production takes place at the highest level in one of our three series production facilities in Germany. We have about 1,000 employees working for us.

The online shop for printed circuit boards and stencils was founded in 2008. More than 9,000 customers currently rely on WEdirekt. As a printed circuit board manufacturer, WEdirekt supplies anything from PCB prototypes to series products, with the perfect combination of quality and affordable prices.

WEdirekt customers include:

  • Major corporations
  • Mid-sized enterprises
  • Individuals
  • Pupils, students, science and research

PCB technology from WEdirekt

As an experienced PCB manufacturer, WEdirekt deals with a wide range of different technologies. WEdirekt printed circuit board specifications.

  • Printed circuit boards with up to 16 layers
  • HDI microvia printed circuit boards 1-xb-1 and 1-x-1
  • Flex-rigid up to 6 layer (1F-xRi)
  • Flex with Stiffener up to 2 layer (xF-Ri)
  • Flex printed circuit boards 1F and 2F
  • TG135 and TG150 material
  • Material thicknesses from 0.80mm to 3.20mm
  • Structures from 85µm
  • Final copper thickness from 18µm to 105µm
  • Minimum drilling diameter of 0.10mm
  • Smallest milling tool 0.50mm
  • Surfaces: electroless nickel/gold, lead-free HAL and immersion tin

WEdirekt also offers delivery panel, chamfering, edge metallisation, via plugging, electroplated gold, service print in white and yellow, E test, UL labelling and Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

Advantages of WEdirekt

Certified quality from WEdirekt

Service and contact at WEdirekt

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Printed circuit boards online shop for PCBs

Your satisfaction is our priority. We would like to provide you top quality and the best possible service with WEdirekt. Feel free to call us, send us an e-mail or use our chat service about any questions you may have. Our team will help you out with all of your concerns. We look forward to working with you!

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