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WEdirekt Data Reader

Data Reader in our WEdirekt online shop

​​​​​​With the help of our Data Reader function, we can automatically read the most important circuit board parameters from your layout data. This information can then be transferred to our configurator with one click!


Data formats
  • Gerber 274X (mechanical layers also in NC or Gerber format)
  • ODB++

To get an accurate result, it is important to have clear layer names. Please take a look at our recommendations for the layer naming of the various data formats. 


Identifiable parameters
  • Number of copper layers and smallest structure sizes
  • Size of the board
  • Soldermask (two- or one-sided or without)
  • Silkscreen (two- or one-sided or without)
  • Smallest Via
  • Blind Vias / Buried Vias

Information that are independent of the layout, such as material thickness, delivery panel design, some of the special technologies or even quantity and delivery time, must still be selected manually.


Note to the contour

Please always provide a separate contour layer and consider the following:

  • Create the contour layer without external or internal elements. So no drawing frames, fiducial marks, … (if you have additional information please add a * .info layer)
  • Define the outline as "Contour" (the center of the line defines the contour)
  • The line of the contour must always be closed


Note on the identification of a Delivery Panel

The identification of a delivery panel is a challenge for any software.

Therefore, we kindly ask you to check if the software recognized the right type of your board. If necessary, you can change the configuration to a delivery panel or a single PCB at any time after filling the configurator. When indicated we will change it during the data check after we have received the order.

WEdirekt Data Reader and Luminovo

Two reliable partners for your PCB business

WEdirekt Data Reader and Luminovo

Two reliable partners for your PCB business

We reported on the collaboration with Luminovo back in April 2022. 

Since then, WEdirekt has been integrated as a partner within the Luminovo application. Part of this application is a powerful, AI-supported tool to identify PCB parameters. Our data reader is using this module to make the configuration in our WEdirekt shop as easy as possible for you.

Notebook with background in black