WEdirekt Teaser Student Benefits

Benefit for Students and Universities

Benefit for Students and Universities

  • 10% discount for students & employees of educational institutions
  • Online configurator with instant price calculation
  • Prototypes from one piece up to 16 layers
  • HDI and Flex technology
  • Express deliveries from 3 working days 
  • PCB production according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, IPC A-600 Cl. 2

How to get the Benefit

Simply register online!

If you are a student, teacher, or employee of an educational institution, you are eligible for the discounts of the Student Benefit. Enter your details into the online registration form and, only when we cannot ascertain that you are student or teacher through your email address, proof will be requested e.g. a certificate of registration at your institution.

After the registration your benefit will be automatically added in your account!

Note: The registration for students is not the standard registration! Please be sure to use the "Registration for Students and Universities" link below.

Contact us

If you already have a standard account with us, please send us an email. In this case, we will amend your account so that you can access the benefits.

Please send us a valid proof of your status as a student, pupil or teacher with your e-mail (e.g. a certificate of registration at your institution).